Interview with Ryan, student at Mel Hoppenheim school of cinema

mhsc_concordiasignThe next generation of filmmakers is emerging. In order to capture that voice, I sat down with Ryan. He is a young filmmaker in his last year at Concordia’s Film production program. I sat down with Ryan and we talked about the future after University.

Ryan, how healthy is the state of English cinema in the province of Quebec?

– I think that is a difficult question. I can only speak for Montreal, and I do think Anglo filmmakers are making their mark like never before in the city. I will however emphasize that Francophone films are one of the reasons why English cinema has been able to take off in the city. The influence of French cinema is present in English film productions.

Do you believe that funding is a problem for Anglo filmmakers in the proviince?

– I do, but I also want to say that in the province of Quebec we are privileged to have several organizations that give funding to artists and just in the film industry. Sodec and Telefilm do allocate a large portion of the funds to francophone productions and I think that is a problem. It should be based on the quality of the work and not based on language.

Are you worried there might a shortage of funds for filmmakers due to government cuts in the arts?

– It’s a difficult situation to be in but I am optimistic because of all the success young Anglo filmmakers have had in the last few years.

Is there an exodus of young filmmakers from the province?

– That has always been a problem in Quebec.  Young talent is leaving but i don’t think that is a recent problem.


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