Interview with Renaud Stanton Dupré

   Renaud Stanton Dupré is a filmmaker and founder of RenLogik, a production company out of Quebec. Here is one of the video's he directed called: Private Dancer.

Renaud Was good enough to answer a few quetions for me:

What are the steps a young filmmaker needs to do in order to make an English language movie in Quebec?

 – I think the steps are pretty much the same wether the filmmaker is  french or english. You come up with your idea, shop it around, find a  producer who wants to back you, apply for a grant thenn cross your  fingers and start praying. If that fails bribe your friends max your  credit card and make it cause you have to. The only place where  language differs is that in quebec there is more place for french  projects but there are more french projects and you can apply for  outside grants easier in english so it evens out


 Is it more difficult to make an English language movie in Quebec as opposed to somewhere else?

–  se 1 🙂

Do you think English filmmakers have found a niche in the French province of Quebec?

– I haven’t seen enough english film come out of quebec to judge.


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