Interview with EZRA SOIFERMAN

Ezra Soiferman is Director and and co-founder of the Montreal

Film Group.  Along with directing, Ezra is also a producer and at

times a cameraman.  He has worked on projects with the NFB,

Global television and the CBC.  I was able to ask this experienced

filmmaker a few questions about making a movies in Quebec.

Question:  What steps does a young filmaker need to do in order to get a movie done in Quebec?

The steps needed are the same as in any other province, state, territory or land: A great idea, a dedicated team, some half- decent equipment and a passion to make something unique and engaging. You also need to have a good business head on your  shoulders and be ready to get out there to meet as many people as possible who can help get your film seen, shown, shared and sold!

Question: Is it easier to make a movie in Quebec than anywhere else in Canada?

It's hard for me to comment on this since I've never made a film in any other part of Canada, only in Quebec. I can't imagine  it's 'easy' to make a film anywhere, let alone in Quebec. You put in  months or  years of your life and all you really wind up with is a  film you're proud of (hopefully!). My old advice still  holds  true... "If you want to make a film, you've got to make a  film."  Get out there and get your  feet wet. Try it. Don't be  afraid to  fail. See what you come up with and if you (and others) dig it, get out there and make another one. If it's a rough and painful experience, give up and find your true calling.

You can visit The Montreal Film Group website at this address:


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